Path Forward is committed to promoting the service sector as an industry of opportunity, and demonstrating how restaurants and retail stores are adapting to a changing economy.
New innovations in technology are enhancing the customer experience and changing the future of work. This is especially true in the service industry, which plays a significant role in preparing and strengthening the American workforce through educational offerings, formal training programs, and opportunities to advance.
As restaurants and retail businesses integrate new innovations into their operations, they will improve convenience and efficiency for customers while continuing to empower millions of Americans with first jobs, tools and skills training needed to start, learn and build lifelong careers whether in the service sector or other industries. 


Millions of Americans take the Path Forward by Starting Here, Growing Here and Moving Forward.


The service sector provides more entry–level jobs than any other industry.


Service jobs provide opportunities to people of all educational backgrounds. Workers are provided with training to develop new and transferable skills and experiences to build their resume.


The service industry offers workers the opportunity to expand their career paths and open new doors both within the service sector and outside of it.


Start Here

Grow Here

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