Path Forward Launches “Season for Success” as Younger Workers Seek First Summer Job Experience

Service industry plays valuable in providing more entry–level jobs than any other industry

WASHINGTON, D.C. – This month, Path Forward is celebrating “Season for Success” to highlight the leading role the service industry plays in pivotal first work experiences and valuable life lessons as it provides more entry–level jobs than any other industry.   As the busy summer vacation season approaches, Path Forward’s “Season for Success” initiative will show how valuable these experiences are as the restaurant and retail industry, when combined, is the number one employer of the country’s working teenagers.

“Every year starting in May, hundreds of thousands of teenagers and college kids apply for jobs that will help shape their future and begin to define their work ethic. Path Forward is proud of the irreplaceable role that the service industry plays in supplying teenagers and younger workers with real-world working experience, as well as providing those employees with income support for their families, their ongoing education, and other pursuits,” said Path Forward spokesperson Jamie Rhoades.

“Season for Success” is the first in a series of Path Forward initiatives that will continue to roll out in the coming months, calling attention to different roles the service sector plays in empowering millions of people with the tools, benefits and skills they need to learn, grow and build lifelong careers. Read more about the Season for Success in an op-ed by Cicely Simpson, National Restaurant Association Executive Vice President, Policy & Government Affairs.

Path Forward is a project of the National Retail Federation and the National Restaurant Association that serves as a voice for hundreds of thousands of job-creating businesses across the country that are invested in providing workers a path forward to new opportunities. For more information about Path Forward, visit and follow us on Twitter @PathFwdWork.