May 2016, Part II


May 2016, Part II


Celebrating The “Season For Success”.  With hundreds of thousands of teenagers and college students beginning Summer jobs in May, Path Forward’s Monthly Spotlight has been on the role the service sector plays in creating the important first job opportunities. On May 13, Cicely Simpson, Executive Vice President, Policy & Government Affairs for the National Restaurant Association, penned an op-ed writing, “The service sector provides young people the opportunity to gain that first real job experience despite perhaps not having a degree or work experience elsewhere. This low barrier to entry is a unique attribute of the service industry…”

Student-Run Restaurant Offers Education in Action. In the May 9 story, “East Aurora students learn restaurant biz on the job,” Judy Buchenot with the Aurora-Beacon News reports on how a local teacher’s Restaurant Management 1 and 2 classes are preparing high schoolers for careers in culinary arts. Students are responsible for all operations at The Iron Paw, a periodic carryout restaurant with food offerings for faculty, parents and staff. Students determine food costs, develop the menu, prepare all of the meals, and ensure each order is ready for pick-up or delivery entirely on their own. Julio Rios, a 17 year old who dreams of owning his own café, said, “I want to open a restaurant, a good Mexican restaurant…my future is bright because of this class.”

Over 15,000 Veterans Promoted as Part of Walmart’s Welcome Home Commitment. In 2013, Walmart introduced the Veterans Welcome Home Commitment, guaranteeing job offers to any eligible, honorably discharged U.S. veteran within 12 months of active duty. Although Walmart had an initial goal of 100,000 hires by 2018, they went on to announce an expanded goal of 250,000 hires by 2020. This week, Walmart announced that they have employed over 130,000 veterans and promoted over 15,000 of these veteran hires to positions with increased pay and responsibility. Patrick Shannon, a Walmart associate and fresh produce operations manager in Indianapolis said, “It meant the world to me to have not just a job, but an opportunity that has allowed me to grow in my career and mentor other veterans.”

Path Forward Stands Up For Service Sector Workers. Last week, Path Forward took to Medium in response to a May 16 piece in American Prospect, where entrepreneur and venture capitalist Nick Hanauer makes repeated false claims about the service industry. This post, along with a response by the National Restaurant Association, paints a more accurate picture of the value that service sector jobs have beyond the immediate income that they provide. Path Forward highlighted how service jobs can “teach skills and knowledge, build self-respect, instill pride in doing a job well done, and encourage confidence — attributes that are essential to future success.”

A Family Business. After years of working in banking, Jeremy Melnick decided to follow his passion back to working in his family hardware business. See Jeremy tell his story in the video here.

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