Path Forward Showcases Value of American Service Industry Training Opportunities

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Throughout the month of July, the Path Forward Coalition is showcasing company programs, employee experiences and facts and figures to demonstrate the value of workplace training and skill development opportunities provided by restaurant and retail businesses. Employees in America’s service industry have access to a number of educational certification and development programs.

“Current employees and those seeking a new job recognize the impact that workplace training programs can have on their career and future earning potential,” said Path Forward spokesperson Jamie Rhoades. “America’s service industry offers opportunities for workers to learn basic skills to build upon and also grow within a company.  Investing in your people is a sound business decision because the more qualified they are, the more successful your business will be.”

The service industry enables employees to learn entry-level skills, such as customer service, following instructions and conflict resolution, helping them to build their resumes and move up the ladder, as well as managerial and more specialized skills that are in high demand. Training and certification programs are beneficial for both employees and employers alike, as they only strengthen employee and business performance.

Recent research shows that:

  • MORE THAN 4 in 5: 80% of hiring managers say that the skills and traits most important to them are the same skills and traits that more than eight in 10 current retail employees say they use regularly.
  • 71% of hiring managers say retail provides employees with foundational skills and experience that are transferable to other industries and recommend that employees include retail experience on their resumes.

This monthly spotlight is the third in a series of initiatives that Path Forward will continue to roll out in the coming months, calling attention to different roles the service sector plays in empowering millions of people with the tools, benefits and skills they need to learn, grow and build lifelong careers.



Path Forward is a project of the National Retail Federation and the National Restaurant Association that serves as a voice for hundreds of thousands of job-creating businesses across the country that are invested in providing workers a path forward to new opportunities. For more information about Path Forward, and follow us on Twitter @PathFwdWork.