July 2016, Part II



July 2016, Part II


Education Wins At Cleveland Restaurant. As part of a story leading up to the Republican National Convention,The Washington Post profiled Cleveland restaurant Edwins (short for “education wins”), which is mostly staffed by ex-offenders to give them a second chance. The employees are participating in a six-month training program on everything from learning restaurant industry fundamentals to crunching numbers. Founder Brandon Chrostowski found a second chance after a troubled upbringing in Detroit, and wants to ensure that others “have a way out — and up — after having been ‘touched by the system.’”

Diner Owner One Of “Beloved” Faces In The Industry. As part of a series about “faces behind beloved eateries,”The Sun News in South Carolina profiled Wayne Burkart who started his career in the service industry at 23 and now owns Bucky’s Grill. After successfully owning, operating, and selling four restaurants, he decided to return to the service industry as a management trainee at Wendy’s, where he was promoted to a manager within three months. Burkart spent a great deal of time learning from Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas, whom he describes as a “basic guy, down-to-earth, good man” wanting to “go into the stores, meet the grill people, see how the mop bucket was getting set up, watch people serve product.” Today, Burkart’s employees speak similarly about him: “He is a good boss man. He is fair,” said Harriet Small, a 47-year-old who has been an employee for over two decades. “If you are in a bind, he will help you out.”

Speaker Paul Ryan Highlights Role Of Entry-Level Jobs. While promoting the recent launch of the “A Better Way” agenda, U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan noted the value of entry-level jobs in helping people develop skills needed in the workforce. In an NPR interview, he stated: “[Y]ou don’t want to take away those entry-level jobs that get people the hard and soft skills they need just to learn how to do work. What you need to do is amplify their ability to get a better job by education, by skills training.”

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