August 2016, Part II


August 2016, Part II


Positive Changes Rolling Across The Service Industry. In “10 Refreshing Ways The Service Industry Is Changing,” Thrillist’s Jen Murphy details ten ways that restaurants are reshaping the service industry. A few list items echo Path Forward’s monthly spotlight on the educational benefits provided to service sector employees by pointing to the opportunities offered at Boston restaurants Eastern Standard and Deuxave. Eastern Standard believes “that in order to create a sustainable restaurant industry, employees need to be financially stable” and therefore brings in certified financial planning experts to host classes for their workers. Chris Coombs, Deuxave’s chef-owner, covers his staff’s student loans while they work for him. “It’s an incentive to get great chefs to work for me and stay working for me,” he said.

Service Industry Supports Olympians Training For The Gold. The amount of time and training it takes to win a position at the medal ceremony podium makes it hard for athletes to find jobs with the flexibility they need. Fortunately, Dick’s Sporting Goods is making it easier for them. As part of its Contenders program, Dick’s has hired more than 200 Olympic hopefuls over the past year with the promise of a steady job that is flexible around training and traveling schedules. The Arizona Republic recently reported on Team USA member Allysa Seely, a part-time sales associate at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Scottsdale, AZ, and one of the many athletes to participate in the program. Vice President of Brand Marketing Ryan Eckel says, “We have these just amazingly, incredibly inspiring people in our stores, interacting with people every day. They just generate so much pride within the company.”

Celebrities Showcase Service Industry Experience On Social Media. Earlier this month, singer-songwriter Marian Call started a viral trend by tweeting under the hashtag #First7Jobs, prompting Twitter users all over the world to join in on the fun. The Huffington Post recently wrote a round-up of the best celebrity tweets, and it comes as no surprise that many public figures turned to the service industry to build skills and take advantage of flexibility offerings. From waiting and bussing tables, to working skateshops and slushee machines, celebrities like Lin-Manuel Miranda, Savannah Guthrie, and Buzz Aldrin shared their past experiences in the service industry.

Second Chances In The Service Sector. On August 12, Cicely Simpson of the National Restaurant Association penned an op-ed for The Hill about how the service industry is providing opportunities to Americans regardless of their background. Participating in Mayor Mike Duggan’s Grow Detroit’s Young Talent program, area restaurants have come together for a second year to offer 300 young people summer jobs and help them develop skills for a successful career. Simpson states, “Studies confirm what we know anecdotally from restaurateurs: Giving formerly incarcerated people a job is one of the best ways to keep them from returning to the prison system.” She continues, “Restaurants play a crucial role in helping prior offenders re-enter society or providing young people with an entry into the working world, offering jobs and skills training when many other employers can’t or simply won’t.”

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