Path Forward Highlights Service Sector’s Commitment to Providing Opportunities for Older Americans, Retirees

WASHINGTON, D.C. – This September, the Path Forward Coalition has been showcasing the service industry’s role in providing work opportunities for older and retired Americans.

Restaurant and retail businesses know that, after retirement, many people want to continue working, to earn income and have the personal fulfillment that comes with a job. In fact, 72 percent of adults over the age of 50 say they want to keep working after they retire, according to a survey conducted by Merrill Lynch Bank of America Corp. Retirees bring experience that employers value and are a vital resource to help these businesses solve current and future staffing challenges.

Programs like the AARP Employer Pledge Program are connecting companies to members of this experienced labor pool. Participating organizations have signed a pledge that they:

  • Believe in equal opportunity for all workers, regardless of age
  • Believe that 50+ workers should have a level playing field in their ability to compete for and obtain jobs
  • Recognize the value of experienced workers
  • Recruit across diverse age groups and consider all applicants on an equal basis.

“As people are remaining in the workforce longer, the service industry plays an important role by providing flexible work opportunities for many older and retired Americans looking to earn additional income and find fulfillment that comes with a job,” said Path Forward spokesperson Jamie Rhoades.

This monthly spotlight is the fifth in a series of initiatives that Path Forward will continue to roll out in the coming months, calling attention to different roles the service sector plays in empowering millions of people with the tools, benefits and skills they need to learn, grow and build lifelong careers.

Path Forward is a project of the National Retail Federation and the National Restaurant Association that serves as a voice for hundreds of thousands of job-creating businesses across the country that are invested in providing workers a path forward to new opportunities. For more information about Path Forward, visit and follow us on Twitter @PathFwdWork.