What They’re Saying About The White House’s #FirstJob Hiring and Recruiting Compact

Widespread support for new initiative connecting nation’s youth to job and training opportunities

Ajay Banga, President and CEO, Mastercard: “Programs like this help us to have a real and meaningful impact on the communities where we live and work. Together, we can create additional opportunities for young people to get a start in the workforce, while inspiring our current and future employees to drive their own growth and careers.” (The Thing About #FirstJobs?: They’re Good for Young People and Good for Business, White House Blog, 10/11/16)

Judy Edge, Corporate Vice President of Human Resources, FedEx:
“We are excited to join the First Job Recruiting and Hiring Compact, and even more excited to further our commitment to helping people access employment…FedEx is working to close the skills gap, and to create pathways to meaningful employment and economic opportunity. There are many pathways to success and that is why our support focuses on education, job training and access to employment.” (FedEx Joins White House ‘First Job’ Initiative, Press Release, 10/11/16)

Charles Gay, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications, Delta Airlines: “We recognize that productive first jobs are important for a flourishing global economy, and Delta is committed to hiring at least 100 Opportunity Youth over the next year for a range of front-line positions that require no previous experience.” (Delta to Hire 100 Young U.S. Workers for ‘First Job’, Delta Blog, 10/11/16)

Amy Elisa Jackson, Content Creator And Partnerships Lead, Glassdoor:
“Today, Glassdoor is proud to join with the White House in support of the First Job Community Compact. As an employer and platform dedicated to workplace fairness and transparency, Glassdoor commits to continuing its inclusive hiring practices; specifically, the consideration and hiring of young people in their first jobs.”(Glassdoor Joins The White House’s First Jobs Community Compact, Commits to Helping Develop and Advance Young Workers, Press Release, 10/11/16)

Charlene Lake, Chief Sustainability Officer, AT&T:
“We’re proud to be a founding member of the First Job Compact. It’s critical we invest in young people so that we ensure a diverse and talented pipeline for the future workforce. That’s why we have invested more than $350 million since 2008 in our signature education initiative, AT&T Aspire, which focuses on equipping students of all ages – no matter their background – with the skills to succeed in school and beyond. Our employees are invested in this cause as well, providing students across America with more than 1 million hours of valuable mentoring.” (AT&T Signs White House’s First Job Compact, Press Release, 10/11/16)

Doug McMillon, CEO, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.:
“We are proud that over half of our new associates each year are young people, providing an amazing talent pool that can grow with us and become our future leaders. We’re committed to providing our entry-level associates with expanded training and clear career pathways so they know what is expected of them to grow, develop and get ahead.” (The Thing About #FirstJobs?: They’re Good for Young People and Good for Business, White House Blog, 10/11/16)

Christopher J. Nassetta, President And CEO, Hilton: “A first job can truly be life-changing, and at Hilton, we’ve seen countless examples of how someone can build their confidence, their skills and ultimately a fulfilling life if they are set on the right track in the beginning. It’s incredibly inspiring to see someone who joined us in an entry-level position one day rise to the highest levels, and we are proud to partner with the White House to make this a reality for even more youth. Many of the most serious issues facing our nation and our world can be addressed by ensuring millions of young people receive the right opportunities when they are just starting out, and businesses like Hilton are very fortunate to benefit from their energy, passion and drive.” (Hilton Among Founding Members of White House First Job Compact, Press Release, 10/11/16)

President Barack Obama: “We need to do everything we can to make sure America’s young people get the opportunity to earn the skills and a work ethic that come with a job. It’s important for their future, and for America’s.” (President Obama Proposes New ‘First Job’ Funding to Connect Young Americans with Jobs and Skills Training to Start Their Careers, Fact Sheet, 10/11/16)

Path Forward Coalition: “The #FirstJob Hiring and Recruiting Compact will provide critical job training and skill development to millions of workers around the country. The service sector recognizes the value of investing in job training and educational programs that empower workers with new skills to build their resumes and move up the career ladder, but also the benefits of promoting a more diverse workforce today and for future generations. This compact demonstrates the new opportunities that can be created through public-private partnerships that promote upward mobility and build opportunity for all Americans.” (Path Forward Coalition Applauds Employment Commitments Announced in Support of My Brother’s Keeper Initiative, Press Release, 10/11/16)

Art Peck, CEO, Gap Inc: “Nothing is more satisfying than seeing that transformation that comes from giving a young person ther #firstjob.” (Tweet, 10/11/2016)

Todd Vasos, CEO, Dollar General: “Dollar General is eager to embrace this initiative to help match young people across America with job openings. We believe in investing in our people as a competitive advantage and it is important to our business to recruit young workers who can grow with us and embrace our mission of Serving Others.” (Dollar General Joins White House First Job Recruiting And Hiring Compact To Help Connect Opportunity Youth To Their First Jobs, Press Release, 10/11/16



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