Cibo chef makes successful return to the kitchen after five-year hiatus (By Dan Gigler, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, October 19, 2016)


Among the classic social pursuits in American life is to catch a “dinner and a show,” but to enter a restaurant kitchen during Saturday night dinner service is to get both in spades. There’s a symphony from the percussive din of pots and silverware colliding, doors slamming, sizzling pans hissing, dishwashers whirring and phones ringing. There’s a touch of danger with knives being wielded and flame bursts on open grills. The constant motion is athletic yet tense with orders coming and dishes going out. And there’s comic relief, like the deadpan quip from the chef after a customer’s complaint is relayed regarding the size of the mussels: “I didn’t grow them. I’m not the ocean.” And if things go right, dozens of times an hour the players — in this case the staff — create something both beautiful and edible for their mostly unseen audience.
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