Miss Betty retires from J.C. Penney after 67 years (By Vickki Dozier, Lansing State Journal, October 12, 2016)


Betty Collette was impeccably dressed, as always. The three-piece skirt outfit would not be complete without her signature high heels. That day, they were silver. “I’ve worn heels all my life, since I was 16 and big enough to get them on,” Collette said.  But this day was special, Friday, Sept. 30, her last day of work at J.C. Penney. Collette, 91, was surrounded by a steady stream of co-workers, customers, well-wishers. Balloons and confetti decorated the tables in the employee lounge. There were newspaper clippings, photos, a caricature drawing along with a full buffet and cake.
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