From The Service Industry To First African American Franklin County Commissioner


Kevin Boyce is the embodiment of a service industry success story. His first job was at McDonald’s while he was still in high school. Since then, he has added numerous other jobs and titles to his resume, including Columbus City Councilman, Ohio State Treasurer, Ohio State Representative, and now the first African American Franklin County Commissioner. Among all of these incredible achievements, Boyce still credits his first job at McDonald’s for teaching him the importance of a strong work ethic.


At the time, Boyce didn’t realize that the job at McDonald’s was preparing him for a successful future. “I didn’t think about it then — I just needed the money — it taught me a lot of discipline: getting to work on time, having responsibilities, being part of an organization,” he says. “It was a really good experience that set me up in terms of my own values as a member of the workforce.”


Today, Boyce acknowledges that work ethic he learned as a McDonald’s employee directly correlates to his views on public service, saying, “How I look at public service, I think about the constituents I serve. I think of them as customers…or as my boss. One way or the other, I feel a level of obligation to be responsive to that in providing them with their service or product the best that I can.” In fact, one of his fundraising events is flipping flapjacks, a skill he also attributes to his time at McDonald’s.