The Path Forward Coalition Applauds Efforts to Expand Apprenticeship Programs


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For Immediate Release: June 28, 2017  
The Path Forward Coalition Applauds Efforts to Expand Apprenticeship Programs
Apprenticeship programs help recruit, train and build America’s future workforce

– The Path Forward Coalition supports the recent efforts in Washington by elected officials, the federal government, and other partners to expand apprenticeship programs in the service industry. This week the U.S House of Representatives held hearings on apprenticeship programs, and several members of Congress have introduced legislation to strengthen such programs. Concepts like apprenticeships, employer based training and credentialing all have important roles to play in a changing economy and we applaud those who are coming up with ideas to prepare and strengthen the American workforce. During the summer job season, these efforts are even more critical.

“Millions of young people get their first jobs in the service industry, and that industry therefore plays a critical role in creating pathways for developing lifelong job skills,” said Path Forward Senior Advisor Broderick Johnson. Johnson is a partner with Bryan Cave, and he served in the Obama White House as Cabinet Secretary and Chairman of the My Brother’s Keeper Task Force.

“While there are many ways policymakers can help lift people out of poverty, they should value the role played by businesses that offer opportunities to the disadvantaged to help them acquire valuable skills, develop habits and find a pathway to future success,” said Path Forward Senior Advisor Robert Doar. Doar is the Morgridge Fellow in Poverty Studies at the American Enterprise Institute and served in New York City’s Bloomberg Administration.  

Apprenticeship programs strengthen the communities and Americans our elected officials represent as well as the U.S. economy as a whole. With summer officially underway, it is important to recognize the opportunities that first jobs and apprenticeship programs in the service industry provide for people looking to build their skillsets and jumpstart their careers. Hands-on learning is becoming increasingly important as the landscape of multiple industries in the United States evolve.

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Path Forward is a joint project of the National Retail Federation (NRF) and the National Restaurant Association (NRA) that focuses on raising awareness about the important role the service industry plays in strengthening our workforce by empowering millions of people so they have the tools, benefits and skills they need to learn, grow and build lifelong careers.