August 2017, Part III


August 2017, Part III
Why Kids Should Work In Restaurants. Dan Simons, co-owner of popular Washington, D.C. restaurant Founding Farmers, discussed why he encourages restaurant work in a recent interview for the Today Show’s online parenting forum. “We know that working in restaurants early is a great career step for those headed into the hospitality industry. But it’s also good professional and personal development for almost everyone, regardless of where they are headed with their careers,” he said. According to Simons, restaurants provide many important skills for future work life, including: a strong work ethic, punctuality, teamwork, exposure to diversity, customer service, entry-level experience, cleanliness, and last but not least, a chance to have fun.

From Part-Time Cashier To Full-Time District Manager. This summer, Home Depot District Manager Jacki McCord published a LinkedIn piece on her rise through the ranks at the home improvement retailer. McCord started as a part-time returns cashier in college which led to a full-time role, followed by several promotions in store management over the last twenty years. While working at the Home Depot, McCord has discovered a passion for helping developing employees grow. “Teaching and training was a top priority for me. I also learned from the employees as multiple employees at this store had been with the company for many years and had tons of experience to draw from….I’ve truly been blessed to be a part of The Home Depot family, and continue to be passionate about developing future leaders,” she wrote.

KFC Uses Virtual Reality-Powered Certification Course For New Trainees. Last week,QSR Magazine reported on how KFC is incorporating virtual reality (VR) technology into its training efforts to supplement its multi-level, employee-training program, Chicken Mastery Certification, which offers eLearning and hands-on classes to help onboard new cooks. KFC’s VR game is designed as an escape room where iconic mascot Colonel Sanders gives trainees clues to ensure they are making fried chicken the same way he did over seventy years ago.

Costco Creates Culture Of Value For Employees. 
In an August 24 article for SmartBrief, leadership expert Michael Lee Stallard
examined how Costco Wholesale offers superior benefits and growth opportunities to help foster employee engagement and performance. The retailer regularly ranks in the top three on Forbes’ best employers list and recently surpassed Google to earn this year’s title. According to Stallard, much of the company’s success stems from its emphasis on valuing staff, which has contributed to low employee turnover. “The fact that Costco’s senior executives started out working on the front lines in warehouses is a testament to upward career mobility,” said Stallard.

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