January 2018, Part I


January 2018, Part I


Why It Still Pays To Start Your Career In The Service Industry. Recently, Path Forward Senior Advisor Broderick Johnson penned an op-ed in QSR Magazine exploring the benefits of service sector employment, especially for American youth. Touting first-hand experience from his teenage retail job in Baltimore, Johnson highlighted important skills that service industry experience can instill in young workers, such as punctuality, customer service and time management. “There is perhaps no experience more valuable in the development of a young person’s life than the opportunity to learn on the job, under real world circumstances,” he wrote.


McDonald’s Enhances Experience With Upgraded Technology. A local McDonald’s reopened last month with new technology upgrades that have been rolled out in over 2,600 locations, reported the Philadelphia Tribune. Self-serve kiosks enable customers to take their order number to a table where an employee brings them food, and a renovated drive-thru serves two people at once. Franchise owner Tanya Holliday, the first African-American woman to own a McDonald’s in the city, said this helps employees deliver faster service. “We are really trying to make sure that the guests have a high-level experience – a different experience from the traditional McDonald’s,” explained Holliday.


AR/VR Technology Brings New Training Possibilities. In a recent article for TechCrunch, professional chef Jenny Dorsey explored how augmented and virtual reality technology is streamlining employee training. Dorsey cited service industry examples such as fast-casual chain Honeygrow, which onboards hires with an immersive VR video, and pointed to a recent research study that found AR to be effective in improving accuracy when estimating standard serving sizes. “These new possibilities for learning and development for businesses small and large not only increase the effectiveness of training material, but also allow companies to employ a wider breadth of workers with different needs and learning styles,” she said.


Walmart Expands “Scan & Go” Test In 33 States. This week, Walmart announced plans to expand its Mobile Express Scan & Go technology to an additional 100 stores nationwide, reported Arkansas Online. Rather than wait in line for a register, the app allows customers to scan and bag items while they shop and pay directly with their phones. In a blog post, Walmart spokesman Justin Rushing detailed how the technology is based on both customer and associate feedback. “We continue to listen, test and learn – all to give our customers more options to shop how they want while also helping them save time,” said Rushing.
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